When the Prophet Speak is About You Doing Something

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When the Prophet Speak is About You Doing Something

When the Prophet Speak is About You Doing Something

Despise not prophesyings.  1 Thessalonians 5:20 KJV

When the prophet speak, the prophet just don’t say something, it’s more than that. When the prophet is  Speaking is always about you doing something( getting into actions). When the prophet speak, the prophet of God, don’t just describe the state of the world you are in but is to bring life. You are actually impacted by the prophet of God words that is given. For example, saying “you will be there by 8pm” does not just describe a situation. The Prophet who is the speaker have already performed an action by generating a new reality about a future situation. God prophet have declared the future that would take place.  You are actually impact it through  the words from the prophet. Language has an active nature. We have the power of prophetic performative utterance, which means we can declare the future into being. We can prophesy something and it can take place. It’s just a matter of knowing the language patterns you are using.

The prophet have many words that are a form of action and speaking of them is action in itself.

When God Prophet speak to impact on other’s, to produce effects, and to bring about changes in your circumstances. It is the effect of speaking on the feelings, thoughts, and actions of others. While not likely to be world changing in the effect, speaking impacted reality.

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