Prophetic Reading What is it

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Prophetic Reading What is it

Prophetic Reading What is it

Do you know what is prophetic reading?

As a prophetic coach, some may think they are doing Prophetic Reading. it is your job to ‘chunk down’ to retrieve more information. The way to do this is ask questions such as “What specifically did you do this week?”, “Give me some examples of what was tough.”; “Tell me more about what you were busy with.” Use open questions or even better PLS Meta Model questions, because these help you retrieve the specific information, so you have much more clarity of your clients’ situations.  

When concluding a coaching session with a general client, keep it short and to the point. Use general language to chunk up and summarize the key points for them to focus on. Have them work on one or two key points only. Your specific clients are highly detailed and will give lots of information. They can overload people to the point that what they are trying to convey can be missed.

As their coach, it is your job to guide them to get to the point by asked for a summary, synopsis, overview or outline. This is often referred to as chunking up. Asking questions such as “What three points do you want to work on today?” “What are the main areas you want to focus on today?” “Time is limited so is this a priority?”

Highly specific clients will go off on tangents and it’s important to keep focusing them back on track, because the purpose of coaching is to achieve specific goals within a specific timescale. Some coaching disciplines don’t encourage intervention. When summing up a coaching session with a highly specific client, always leave time to check if they have all the details they need to achieve their next step. They have a lot of things to think about and will feel cheated if they are rushed at the end of a session. As always when coaching your clients, it is your responsibility to flex your communication style to that of your clients, not the other way around.

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