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Prophetic Reading

Prophetic Reading


I sure hope that it’s a true prophet of God whom you can trust. Because psychics just aren’t cutting it anymore. Sure, a psychic can give you a reading that may be poignant and even captivating but is it truth if it isn’t God.And a psychic can give you a reading, telling you, that your ship has come in but is it destined to sink if God isn’t the anchor. A psychic proclaims to be a seer but the Prophet can only be a Prophet of the Lord through seer-ship. There should never be a question of doubt when the Prophet speaks a word. As a true Prophet of the Lord, I can attest that the Bible never examines how a Psychic can deliver a word from the Lord only how a Prophet can. Want Proof. Focus your awareness on the scriptures below.

When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch. Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee.(Deuteronomy 18:9-12)

How to Work Your Prophetic Reading

Your Prophetic Reading is built through a timeless benchmark of seeking and hearing from God. The Prophet adds a new dimension to your future because he comes to speak life into your current situation. You can build a new and fantastic life by following the instructions of the Lord for your life. For an instant change of effect, all you have to do is believe the Prophet and prosper. (II Chronicles 20:20) Allow your prophetic reading to shatter any myth you may have encountered while hanging on the Psychics  side of life. You’ve heard what men and women had to say about you long enough. Isn’t it time you heard what the Prophet has to say about you.

The Purpose of Your Prophetic Reading

Love. Heartache. Success. Joy. Which will it be. You can get answers to questions of the heart from a true, gifted Prophet of God. Your Prophetic reading is an excellent gift from God that causes you to gain a wondrous perspective in your life, almost like taking a crystal ball like view of any particular situation, set of conditions or life patterns. Your Prophetic Reading provides you with insight and shows you the blueprint that God has set aside for you to follow towards success. This blueprint ultimately allows you to take your next step towards your fantastic future thus empowering you to make better choices in life.

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119 thoughts on “Prophetic Reading

  1. magdeline says:

    I’m having a hard time with my love relation. Is very hard it just broke without any reason.I mean not one I had several but none of them works.never had a relationship for atleadt a year .is the problem on me or what

    • Nokuthula says:

      I like to know my future , I have deep in finatial problem I dont have a perfect relationship I dont get a right job my live is not ryt

      • bongani says:

        Sister, there is no wrong job love what you are doing good job or bad job when you do it with all your heart to it god, will promote you.

      • tendi says:

        I want my business growing

      • Mr Munyai says:

        You need revival, nothing you do will prosper until you accept Jesus Christ as your​ savior. You worry too much and lack faith. Be strong in faith, have that believe in God, and give your all to what you do and the people in your life, all shall go well.

    • pastor booi says:

      hi my child , am pastor booi ,when i speak to god says Ur life is about to charge u have to be faithful in him and please don’t mix him with other things , so please god says give a seed of Isaac as he command Abram when he speak to him about making his name great in the nation do so and wait for yr miracle to happen in 3months from now in Jesus name i prayer for you amen, to plant your seed of Isaac of which is two thousand n seventy for Ur breakthrough acount no is absa bank 9311332965 believe god .
      contact no; +2771 9297727 bless u

    • L says:

      As difficult and challenging as it is, however, holding on to someone who wants to break off the relationship is holding yourself back. After discussing with calm matter with the other, you will try to get the reasons why this has turned direction. Wanting too much too soon when two people are attracted to one another, is a common reason why things do not last. Or, the purpose why they were attracted could have the same unhappy ending. Take things slow and do not allow the pressure of today’s whirlwind romance convince you it will last.

    • Gods love says:

      You deserve better than that
      God will help you to find your best version
      Keep doing your work

  2. Sediroa says:

    i want to know my furture

    • mandisi says:

      i want to know my future

    • Ganesan Govender says:

      I would like to know if I will ever find work as I have applied for so many jobs and nothing as come through, yet I have all the experience for the jobs I applied for.

      Date of birth: 24 May 1963
      Time: 16H00
      South Africa
      Currently living in: Gauteng
      City: Vereeniging

    • Georgio says:

      My girlfriend and I broke up August 14th. She was the love of my life we were talking about marriage and moving to Florida together. But something certainly happen I believe it was a second person involved. We have separated since that time with no contact at all I know she’s in a relationship now and I still love her to death I like to know if she will come back to me where she belongs.. Also my life is taking a different direction I’m starting to look for investors to start a business in Florida I hope they come… Please let me know if she will come back and we go together to Florida again married like we always talked about it. Thank you very much

    • phathiswa says:

      Tell me abuot my future

    • zwelenkosi says:

      iwant to know my future

  3. christelle says:

    Why must i battle with finances, why dont i get a steady job to stabilise my household

    • vincent says:

      i wnt to know my future

    • Christa says:

      Just wanted to know about my future in my husbands job situation, if there is somewhere money for myself from past will from someone that I did not know of and is tje someone thats giving me bad luck, and how fies futre for me my husband and kids looking forward 2017

  4. andre says:

    I want to know
    1 why did my father commit suicide?
    2 what does my future hold for me?

  5. Nokuthula Makhaba says:

    spiritual growth why um no
    t growing want ti know my future

  6. Tina says:

    My life is not good

  7. Ntombifuthi says:

    I want to know my future , in my career , love life , finances ,family and my spirituality

  8. linde says:

    I want to know how my husband died

  9. Shanveer says:

    I want to know ow my current status with my girlfriend and my son

  10. given says:

    What is happening in my life an how does the future looks like

  11. eunice says:

    I need to knw in marriage my work personal life

  12. Allan says:

    Hi i’m struggling with badluck,evil spirits ruining my life.people is trying to use witchcraft on me i’m also struggling financially.please help me i need a breakthrough.Thank you.God bless

    • IN The Name of Jesus I cum against those evil unclean spirits that is tormenting u right now I command them to leave in the name of Jesus I send that evil spirits back to the pit of hell we’re they came from..I speak financial brake threw in your doors of opportunity…For God is and will be the Author of faith…u are the head and not the tail..u are above and not beneath..Jesus say…no weapon formed against u shall prosper in Jesus name…Whoever the Son sets free is free indeed…Amen@Amen.For God and his word are one…Heaven and earth will past by no means will Gods word past cause God and his word is one our battle is not against flesh and blood but against dark principalities not this in Jesus name I bind every evil that toke captivity of your life right now…every knee shall bow..every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is the Name above all speak forth prosperity.. Blessings unfold into your lifestyle…new Jesus us name…Lord I place Allan’s life in your hands right now in Jesus name..cover him with your blood at this present all times keep him safe from harm for I no u have a plan and a purpose for his life lord…for right now your word say u will never leave him nor forsake him Lord and I say thank u…and bless u Lord Jesus Christ for the amazing work u going to do in Allan life..not forgetting give him peace of mind..sound of mind..may Allan walk in your shadow of the Most High GodGod

  13. Denise says:

    I want to knw my future.

  14. Kay says:

    I want to know about my future and my current love life

  15. lerato says:

    How’s my future gonna be

  16. Ganesan Govender says:

    I would like to know if I will ever find work as I have applied for so many jobs and nothing as come through, yet I have all the experience for the jobs I applied for.

    Date of birth: 24 May 1963
    Time: 16H00
    South Africa
    Currently living in: Gauteng
    City: Vereeniging

  17. Sibongile says:

    Hi I need to know my future and lovelife

  18. veronica says:

    what does 2017 hold for me in terms of my career

  19. Phil Lekoko says:


  20. Phil Lekoko says:

    Want to know my future

  21. Coleen says:

    Please pray and prophecy for me, regarding my career as I am currently unemployed and also my love relationship,

  22. Andries says:

    I am looking for something hidden,can you help me?

  23. Sonja nienaber says:

    I keep dreaming my parents still hate me even after I was the only child who took care of them until they died. My father and mother chose me to take care of them but 2 days before my death he said he wants somebody else to get his house,even though that person never did anyrhing to help them. I feel used because they never wanted me but I still looked after them for two years with my whole heart

  24. home says:


  25. Jennifer says:

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  26. home says:



    i want to my future& what is happen now

  28. Mathebula Billy Jonas says:

    Bishop, my life is upsidedown, i don’t have a marriage and i don’t have any good relationship. My two partners who gave birth to my 2 children abandoned me 5 years back, and the one i lived with her for the past years she did a strange behaviour by choosing another man over me while staying with me. As a result i gave her break to go home and rectify her behaviour but she fought the hard way not to leave me, she came over me to beg for forgiveness until i gave her forgiveness but i did’nt allow her to come back to my home because i wanted her to be at her home until she finishes 12 months, and now as i speak to you she is only left with 1 month away to finish 12 months of her home stay. Bishop, my life needs to be put up straight, it needs to be restored because it’s not only the problem of bad relationships i am experiencing at the moment but also the financial issues is another hurting burden because i also don’t have any source of a cent for a daily living. Really, i need the breakthrough in all areas of my life, deliverance wherever is needed, security over me or anything i own, success and a devine healing. The obedience and doing of God’s word, the power of praying is also another major things i want to achieve in my life. Bishop, please, pray for me and guide me through your prophecy until i am lifted up higher so that at the end i lift up higher the mighty works of our God the almighty.
    AMEN …..

  29. monica says:

    I want to know if I’ll ever find a husband and will he be fiananciall stable where is he from

  30. Karin says:

    Is he my soulmate and the love we share is conditional.

  31. daniel says:

    hi i would realy want to

    know what god has in store for me , god told me to go to a town i moved their and i am waiting .

  32. Nolubabalo says:

    I want to know more about my life

  33. Dorothy Lesego modise says:

    I would like to know my future

  34. Thobeka zono says:

    Hi im asking for a prophecy about my future as ive no progress in life. Everything is messed up. Im not working even now.

  35. Presilla Wendy naidu says:

    My husband has left the house going to be 2 months on the 25.12.2016 he says he does not love me after 20 years of marriage he was pushing me away from him sleeping in the lounge sometimes sleeping in the same bed but separate blankets never touching me I cried ever night and didnt sleep for 3 months I think he has somebody else and I also think his mind is changed by this women I want my husband back home please help mepre

  36. maria says:

    my name is maria ,always when i call,my boyfriend we fight .please pray for me.

  37. maria says:

    i want to know if the boyfriend i have is going to b my husband or not

  38. Mfungelwa Johannes Radebe says:

    I need to know all about my future

  39. Mfungelwa Johannes Radebe says:

    I want to know about my future life

  40. yolanda says:

    Bishop I need a breakthrough in my finances. I am struggling to keep head above water and to take care of my daughter financially. Please.

  41. William says:

    I want to know if am I going to get my dream job and become financial stable.

  42. William says:

    I want to know if am I going to get my dream job and become financial stable.will me and my wife have a child again.

  43. Lebohang says:

    apparently I dnt know whether am in a relationship or not.

  44. gift says:

    I just wanna know who am I to Christ

  45. Gladys morajane says:

    Prophet I need u help pls.Im liking for a job is 10year husband is the same and we have a son who attend school nou he’s on grade 11 and my plane is when he finish matrix I want her to go varsity or univasity he can change my live tobe a better mother

  46. amanda says:

    I want to know about my future

  47. brenda moleko says:

    Prophet I need a prayer so that I can fix my problem with my boyfriend I need him to come back to me help me pls we’ve been dating for 8yrs

  48. janine says:

    Good day bishop

    I’m a 30yr old woman and am happily married with 3 the moment I’m unemployed and were in deep financial problems,due to unforseen circumstances.
    I don’t want to know my future,ijust want prayer for good job to help my husband.
    I appreciate the little we have,but with his salary we only have enough to support our kids,some food and electricity.
    Before we have his wages,it already have its places to go.
    So please help,I just want to find a job so we can have enough to live by.
    I’m really tired of struggling.

    Plz note.there is no capital letters in my email adress

  49. Nonkululeko mbuli says:

    Dear bishop, i would like to know how to get rid of the spirits that are in my spirit, they cause badluck, they make men that are in a relationship with me to be broke, they chase men away, they chase friends away, they make people to dislike me

  50. SEIPATI PAlagangwe says:

    Want to know what the future holds for me. I have struggled a lot in love and hoping for something positive these year.

  51. zanele says:

    Lost love

  52. Folly dodji AMEGBLENKE says:

    Who i am

  53. Simon Lebisi says:

    Dear bishop, bad luck follow me wherevery i go, sometimes i want to quit everything in life, my poor job, not having good friends, bad credit, relationship becoming weak, my health, not having my own house, nor children

  54. nonhlanhla says:

    i want to know about my future

  55. Derrick says:

    I am lost in this world, drowning in what seem to be only unhappiness. Lost all hope, and questioning everything i use to believe in.

  56. pamela says:

    I want to know what wrong with my life why can’t I find a perfect relationship why I dont have money while I am hard worker why people don’t respect me and my feel why?

  57. Rinae says:

    I want to nw about my future and my job that i was working that what going on

  58. Nozuko says:

    Bishob my life is upside-down. My husband left me with my child

  59. Kadimo says:


  60. sangeetha says:

    i want to know about my future tell me now

  61. sangeetha says:

    praise the lord see my husband is a drinker what i have to do he will never care us so i have affair with one person he is not married tell me he will be lielong with me or no

  62. nomathemba says:

    I would like to know my future am iaking right decisions

  63. Martha says:

    I want to know about my future and why my daughter drinks a poison in 2015/12/28 and killed herself

  64. slindelo says:

    M battling financially, I want to know if it will ever get better

  65. olothando tyumre says:

    I want to know about my future plz help me

  66. Siphilisiwe Nkomo says:

    I want to know about my future,my luckys and when will i get a proper job

  67. Regina says:

    I really need prayer for myself

  68. david adams says:

    I need to know the root of anxiety and oppression. And high blood pressure stomach problems sinus problems

  69. Ernest Hackman says:

    I want to know my future

  70. Vincent says:

    I’ve been unemployed for 17 yrs,and tried hard to get one,am I ever going to be employed.

  71. mj sehloho says:

    Please give me prophesy on my life

  72. Tina says:

    Hi Bishop!

    My life is upsidedown.i got no lovelife no money to help my children . Please pray for me

  73. rojinna sunuwar says:

    I want to know about my luck for upcoming future and about my love life

  74. Frances Radebe says:

    hi pls help me to get back to my husband the father of my babies thanks frances

  75. Lamsal sarala says:

    I want to know about my future & also a Baby plan

  76. dayachand says:

    I want to kno if my wife will return to me and if I will have a successful life

  77. Fikile says:

    I want to know my leefe

  78. Douglas says:

    i would like to know my luck in upcoming future

  79. thembisile sangweni says:

    my love life is a mess and i just want to know if i will ever get married

  80. ANASTACIO Florencio balanon says:

    I want to know if I’ll win a lotto jackpot and when?

  81. mbali mdluli says:

    tell me about my future

  82. john mokoena says:

    I’m in deep financial problems plz help me out I am asking to leave a normal life

  83. lilly says:

    Hy prophet… nothing seem to be going right in my life, more especially financialy

  84. solly says:

    I’m busy building my house, I’m not sure whether it would get finished or not as I have financial problems and some illness, please pray for me and my family and tell about my future prophet

  85. shanusha says:

    Please pray for my finances, family and future – i would like to know more about my future

  86. mothusi sello says:

    am i working away from god plans about my future?
    am i the chosen one?

  87. BADA HELEN says:

    Spiritual Intervention

  88. samuel k. gbedivlo says:

    I want to gods plans for me or what am here for on earth

  89. Tebogo says:

    Please prophecy my life

  90. Matome says:

    Please pray for me, I have rebellious nature & I’m proud. I don’t like school & church. Please pray for me

  91. Afshan says:

    Wanted to know about my rescent future

  92. arslan ahmad says:

    Nice work. keep it up.

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