Spiritual Doctors

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Spiritual Doctors

Spiritual Doctors

The hospital is a place for the sick and afflicted. You don’t go to a school when what you need is surgery. You don’t go to the library to look for vegetables. For the type of healing that we need, we have to go to a specific place which we know can give us the kind of attention and care that we require.

The hospital of the spirit is the church. It has long since been known that this is the place where the spirit of God dwells while on this earth. He visits us and lets us feel His love. He is the owner of the hospital. The prophets and apostles are God’s servants. They are the doctors He has licensed in order to do His bidding. They have a great work to do and one of them is taking care of their fellowmen. Through following His divine instructions, they are able to act as a bridge between heaven and earth and convey to us the messages that would otherwise be unknown. God wants us to have direction in this life, especially when we forget who we are, when we wander, and become lost.

He thought of everything and the utmost assurance of that love is when He gave up His only begotten son in order to save the world from our sins. That through the atonement of Christ we may know that we are not alone. We are healed!

17 thoughts on “Spiritual Doctors

  1. I am driver in Saudi Arabia 6th years old My Name Nadeem Nasir Nasir Ahmed I am Pakistan I need wark visa

  2. Francis says:

    I think I am under spiritual manipulation and duress. I need your earnest prayers for liberation. Thanks in advance.

  3. Pastor Kennedy Kofi boadu says:

    The death burial and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is a powerful message to the soul it is the message of salvation to the soul in first Corinthians chapter 15 vers 1 to 4 read about that

  4. Eihebholo joe says:

    This is good. Ipray god to open a new doors of breakthrough in all ramifications for me and my family in Jesus name ,amen

  5. Mwiseneza remy says:

    It’s really good so continue to educate more that we will glorifing

  6. Am very happy to find this site

  7. mary says:

    good morning sister please prayer for me my family

  8. I am so desperate ineed a dangerous prayer my life is a merc

  9. Faith says:

    Good day saints of God, please I need your prayers in my health. I have prayed and I know God has heated me. But I still need your prayers for my life. So that every negative symptoms will disappear and never return.
    I also wish to see prophet one day. Its one of my greatest heart desires.

  10. Mercy says:

    I need serious prayer for my family for we are been tormented by witches in my father’s house and in my marriage

  11. Shivkishan sharma says:

    I want urgent help I am buried in a huge debt until my neck. My business has also shrunk. I don’t know what to do and where to go. Bless me with Brightest blessings.

  12. Joshep says:

    Need frophecy for 2018.

  13. Daniel says:

    This site will be of a blessing to me

  14. Abigail says:

    I pray to God for healing in jesus name

  15. I pray to god for healing in my body in Yarway’s name

  16. Felicia says:

    Iam going tru so much right now with da break up of my x & da person she’s with is controlling her tru evil what should I do my heart is breaking

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