The Lord is rooting for you

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The Lord is rooting for you

The Lord is rooting for you

We all have dreams and ambitions that we seek to make reality. Through our journey towards these goals we often encounter challenges. Sometimes things go right and sometimes things are totally what we don’t want them to be. When things aren’t going right despite all your best efforts its easy to give up and put the blame on someone. There are those that have blamed the Lord for their failures in life. Keep in mind that everything that happens in your life is under your control. The situations you come across are merely part of the learning process. God allows them into your life because they are meant to make you better and bring you more insight.

Through it all you must be assured that the Lord is right there rooting for you. He didn’t create you to break you down and crush your best dreams. He wants you to succeed in everything that your mind conceives. He wants to strengthen you and to make you better. This is why the Lord has assigned prophets onto the earth. He gifted special people with the ability to prophesy so that He could guide us along our journey.

A Free Prophecy can bring you towards the way that God has cleared for you. The Word of God is proof that the Lord has our backs. His word reveals to us the great plan that He has for each and every one of us. Through a Free Prophecy you can find out exactly where He wishes to guide you. Try one today and direct your life towards the path that God has made precisely for you. CLICK HERE!

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