The world is yours

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The world is yours

The world is yours

How do you see your life now? What do you consider to be your limitations? Do you dream big or do you doubt your abilities? The life that we lead is the life that we choose. You do not simply wind up somewhere without you having anything to do with it. In light of that fact, you must start to make better choices. Take full responsibility of your actions and know the impact of your decisions.

The world is yours to shape so make the conscious effort to shape it exactly how you want it to be. Some people don’t realize the great power that God has given them. Others believe that the situations they are in come at random. The truth is that they don’t and prophecy is proof of that. The accuracy of prophecy shows us that our lives are patterned after one great plan – that which was written by the hand of God Himself. The word of God expresses this great plan and the prophets are those that allow us to understand our place in it. Prophecy reveals to us the future that we can choose to live in to.

When we hear the word of God we are lead towards a reality that we might have never imagined possible for ourselves. That’s the Power of Prophecy. Try your Free Prophecy today and begin to command your life towards your wildest dreams. With God they are all possible and with prophecy you can chart your way towards your success. CLICK HERE!

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