Understanding What Higher Awareness Is

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Understanding What Higher Awareness Is

Understanding What Higher Awareness Is

Not everyone has a full understanding of what higher awareness is. Higher awareness refers to your mind or your consciousness’ level of understanding of what you are really capable of. This level of understanding is manifested in the type of life that you have now. A person with a higher level of consciousness has developed his/her mental faculties -his/her memory, perception, will, intuition, reason, and imagination – and uses them to turn any negative situation around into something positive. A highly aware person does not blame circumstances or other people for the state of his/her life. He/she knows and understands that he/she is directly accountable for everything he/she experiences.

Evaluate the State of Your Higher Awareness

How often do you deem yourself responsible for what’s happening in your life? Do you often blame circumstances for the mishaps you have experienced? How willing are you to change your life for the better? Are you willing to develop your mental faculties of will, memory, perception, intuition, imagination, and reason so that you can bring forth the prosperous, happy and peaceful life you would like to experience?

While we make an effort to improve our skills sets, increase our knowledge about how to accomplish our daily tasks, or load up our brains with facts to be more knowledgeable and understand the world we live in, we tend to forget the importance of developing our sense of higher awareness. We may be perfectly aware of what’s happening around us and be able to explain why, but we are not fully aware of the mental faculties that we all have, and how to use them to achieve prosperity, happiness and inner peace. Have you ever asked yourself how consciously aware you really are? Are you even aware of the existence of these mental faculties?

What the Bible Says About Higher Awareness

Don’t you know that the Bible is also filled with stories, chapters, and verses that talk about our sense of higher awareness? The stories have different symbolic meanings. For example, there are things in the Bible that stand for higher levels of awareness. Wells of water reflect our ability to draw ideas from our mind. It describes our access to the cleansing and refreshing truth just the way water does. And so many others.

The Bible reveals timeless wisdom about what we are capable of achieving. It guides us in changing our lives for the better. We just have to learn to read through it in a different light.

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