Utilize The Power of Your Memory

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Utilize The Power of Your Memory

Utilize The Power of Your Memory

Our memory has the power to store and retrieve information anytime, anywhere we need them. What is stored in our mind – instructions on how to complete a certain task, names of the members of our family, names and personality traits of our friends, directions on how to get the office, our partner’s favorite color, steps on how to cook your children’s favorite dish – help us do things right at work and help us have harmonious relationships with our friends and family.

Before we decide on something, we also rely on the information we have stored in our minds to determine what to do. Memories of past experiences help us to decide whether this course of action will be effective or not. Mistakes were kept from happening again because our memories reminded us of the consequences we have suffered when we made those mistakes.

Improve Your Memory by Remembering Information

Memory is essential in learning new things as well, for you have only truly learned if you can remember it! In your quest to achieve a higher sense of awareness, it is important to remember information to be used by your mental faculties of reason, perception, and will! How can you use these mental faculties properly if your memory fails them?

What information can your reasoning faculty use when making a decision if your memory cannot retrieve the information needed? How can you change your perceptions if you cannot remember what your initial perception was, to begin with? What will your willpower focus on if you can’t remember your goals, desires or objectives clearly?

The picture on your mind’s film is clear or blurry depending on the amount of exposure it went through. Your mind retains information repetitive information. Your mind also tends to remember information that comes with strong feelings or seems important.

How Traumatic Experiences Affect Our Memory

Some past experiences, especially traumatic ones may not be on our conscious memory for easy retrieval but may still be in the subconscious. Such memories can be the underlying reasons why we behave a certain way or see things on a certain light. Such experiences contributed to how we behave, reason out, see ourselves and affect our determination. It is important then to look at the power of memory from that perspective as well (Hopper, W.n.d.).

Just as it can help us, it can also hinder us from taking risks and facing our fears to achieve success. Because it sits in the subconscious, it will bring forth experiences based on those negative experiences! Constantly remind yourself that nobody can hurt you now, you are safe if you have memories of past traumatic experiences.

Righteousness and Memory

Keep reminding yourself that you are safe, you are okay, you will be successful. Embrace the feelings of security and success. Retrieve feelings of happiness from your memories even if you feel that your old memories are trying to get in the way. Do it over and over until your positive affirmations become ingrained in your memory. You no longer feel the old feelings associated with the old memory. Since your subconscious brings forth anything the conscious mind feeds it, constantly remind yourself of your dreams, goals, and desires.

The Bible says, “The memory of the righteous is a blessing” for our subconscious will bring forth righteousness. “But the name of the wicked will rot” that you should not ingrain it in the mind. Focus your mind on all that is pure and good and loving. This way, there wouldn’t be enough space for anything negative, evil or limiting to sit on in your memory.

All such good thoughts ingrain ed in your subconscious with conscious effort will bring about good experiences in your life. Utilize the power of your memory for higher awareness and to bring about the life you have always wanted.

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