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Welcome to Free Written Prophecy

Welcome to Free Written Prophecy

Free Written Prophecy is for all who has desire to understand more about there life from God. Bishop Jordan has been prophesying for over 30 plus years and has written over 120 books and more. You can Find out about Free Written Prophecy and how to receive a Free Written Prophecy from Bishop Jordan by clicking on the link ” Get Prophecy” Your name will be submitted and you will receive a free written prophecy in 24 to 72 hours. Now please remember to check your mail server make sure we are not mark spam.

If you do not receive your prophetic word you can always call in at 888-831-0434. You can always send an email to naomicook@zoeministries.com.

When you sign up for a Free Written Prophecy. We will send you updates and daily emails about the prophetic, about the church life, about seminars and conferences; and the Master Prophet Bishop Jordan materials and book products. You can always opt out, we do not look to harass anyone or pressure anyone to give a donation.

Now on the subject of donations or seed sowing, we have people out in the christian world or can I say in the world that believes everything you do for Jesus Christ is Free. Free to go on Television, Free to send email newsletter, Free to advertise, Free to create books, Free to publish books, free for people to answer phones, free to do church events, Free to keep the lights on in the church, free for shipping. I hope you get what I am saying. All the things I have mentioned above cost money to do all of these things and above.

I am speaking about this because it hurts and pain me when people out there see men and women of God like Bishop Jordan, Bishop Td Jakes, Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Kerney Thomas, Benny Hinn, Cleflo Dollar, Paula White, Joyce Meyers, Peter Popoff, Kenneth Copeland and many more who is doing the work of God, that God called them to do. Get slam because they take donation for the ministry, they send anointing oil or cloths etc. All of this is according to your faith. If your faith does not work for what you believe, God has given you the power to move forward in your spiritual journey

Remember, you have no power to say what work of God someone to do or to spread hate for your glory.

Individual who calls them false preachers, I question them of what is the main objective of saying false preachers or sheep in wolf clothing. I ask my self who is the wolf of who can talk down and belittle someone else the way you judge and write articles about there views only. If you do not agree about the message or if the message is false to you from the ministry then do not engage. Leave it alone and go about your business.

What you fight you will Ignite

I may not agree with every ministry message, but its not for me condemn them or to judge them. Each of these ministries mentioned above and other ministries have given choices to join and share the teaching that God has inspire them to teach the people of God. Now, I may not agree in what they do or how they do it. Its not for me question it. It is for me to give it to God and leave it alone. That is something my Grandmother have always told me when I did not agree with someone or something.

Whether its the fact of the dollar amount they attach to it or asking for a love gift is not a sin and it is not wrong to ask for a offering. If you choose to give a donation, then let that be your choice only. I do not like to compare to the world but if I go to the store and I am thirsty. I have the choice to purchase FIJI water, Dasani water, Aquafina water, polar spring water or just leave and drink my tap water from home. There is nothing wrong with either choice. What matter if you are quenching your spiritual thirst.

The bottom line there is only one word of God, everyone is entitle to opinion but one thing I do not like is hate. Keep in oneness of Christ – Naomi Jordan Cook

If you have some questions please check out the FAQ page on the site or call 888-831-0434

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