Why does Bishop Jordan give a Free Prophecy?

Your Free Written Prophecy will Give Direction

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Why does Bishop Jordan give a Free Prophecy?

Why does Bishop Jordan give a Free Prophecy?

Seek to live your life to the fullest. It shouldn’t feel like a torturous labyrinth, rather, it should be a celebration of God’s love. Dedicate your life to fulfilling the Word of God through your actions and you will find joy. Happiness isn’t something that comes as a reward. It is something that resides within you. It is something that you choose to be.

The concept of finding joy in serving others is difficult for some to understand. Finding true happiness is about finding God in your life. It is about being able to identify the miracles that God makes possible in your every day life. Through prophecy, a prophet can identify God’s message for your life at the moment. Prophecy exposes the truth that deepens your faith in Him and sets your free. When you listen to the Word of God with a deeper understanding of it, you are able to appreciate life better.

In order to acquaint new people into what prophecy can do for them, Bishop Jordan offers a Free Written Prophecy for those that seek it. Bishop Jordan seeks to shed light on the power of prophecy for first timers. It might be difficult to grasp the concept of God speaking directly through His prophets, and that is exactly why a Free Written Prophecy is available to demonstrate this miracle in action. Try a Free Written Prophecy and see how God works in your daily life.  It is a life-changing experience for those that choose to take it. CLICK HERE!

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