Arise from Depression

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Arise from Depression

Arise from Depression

Depression is very popular talk nowadays for people of any age. It seems difficult to find a place where it doesn’t exist nowadays.

Being depressed is far different from having depression. One is a state of sadness and the other is a medical condition. This medical condition exists and actually requires serious attention. People who have depression should always seek help from the proper medical authority and also pray to God to help them cope with their afflictions.

There will always come a time when we feel a void, a sort of emptiness within us threatening to swallow us whole. God loves us and wants us to know that we are not alone. We can combat the sadness, we can combat the fears, and we can rise above negativity, but we cannot do it alone. We need help.

Medical professionals deal with this illness through therapy and offer different types of medicines to reprogram the brain to help it function normally and keep the emotional or mental pains in check. Our spiritual health, on the other hand, is a powerful source of support to help overcome this weakness.

Don’t let it get too far. It is normal to feel down once in a while. There is a kind of sadness where you can still pull yourself back up, and a certain extent of being depressed where you’re in way too deep and need others’ help to be able to get out. Thankfully, Jesus is the hand that will never let you go. His word  is a lamp unto many that believe. He will make the darkness go away and help you go through the pain. He has suffered more than any of us. His atonement has an enabling power to help us get back on our feet again, only if we trust Him.

5 thoughts on “Arise from Depression

  1. I’m in the need of Jesus I m weak not to weak to know our Father is bigger than my satuition Thank you Jesus

  2. Robin Bednarczyk says:

    Great article! I’ve been in a deep depression for over a year now. I don’t want to even get out of bed, but I have to (and usually it’s after 3 or 4 in the afternoon, sometimes as late as 8 pm). nobody understands and they condemn me for it, like my husband thinks I’m making it up. I don’t know, I just know it was a blessing AND a confirmation that I might need to see a doctor. I just didn’t want to seem weak, and being on medication makes me feel weak, like I can’t push past this without being medicated, and I don’t WANT to be medicated. Thank you. I was led to your website for a reason. I’m just so tired right now, ALL THE TIME, that I don’t KNOW if I’ll be ABLE to get the motivation TO go to a doctor. Please pray for me to have strength. My name is Robin Bednarczyk. Thank you. You are blessed and highly favored!

    • Gina says:

      our mind are very powerful but believing on it is truly hard….our heart are more powerful because its the one who can feel everything…if this two wont work together as one….everything can be broken inside ourselves…only the creator above can fix it by starting calling his name, telling him everything that you want say about what you really feel or thinking….all your worries and pain..doubts & everything….if theres no one around you seem to understand or listen….believe me in this….there is god our father,our creator, our saviour been there watching us over …from first breath till the last beat of our heart….he is been waiting for our call…he will answer and we will see ….we will feel it when we believe it…
      god is the healer, god is the answer, our eye is no need to see god…because god cannot be seen by the eye we have.. it required for us to have a open mind and heart for him to enter in our life….if we able to open that doors for him….with all our harts and mind….accept him to be our creator…saviour… one in only god…confess him our weaknesses…worries…fears and doubts….god will answered our prayers…take away all the worries and doubts….. i will talk to god and tell him about you….you will be answered just believed the good things is coming for you and you will be fine million times than we can ever imagine….let him in..

  3. Gina says:

    i been scared, depressed, ignored, rejected, i grew up with no mother and father guided me because our family is broken. i walked myself alone with no family around. i saw my parents my brothers and sisters but were the family that perfectly broken..i saw my mother with her bible and going to the church couple times. i saw my dad being busy with his farm and i saw him helping people around and he was actually a good provider in the family…but for some reason our family ended up broken….our parents separated there ways….”we” their kids got separated…scattered around the country like a glass that fall in the ground turned into pieces…like the perfect storm in life…. but guess what? i am blessed so blessed because i found god on my own in my very young age of life …i was 9yrs old that time…theres people hurts me emotionally and physically… it wasn’t just my body shaking but my whole world shakes too because i felt so afraid….helpless and cant be save by someone coz no one cares around… i cried so many times…i got scared most of my childhood life but guess what? god meet me halfway on my childhood life…he called me, take me in place where i can see his message for me…corithians 10:31 …through that bible verse…god told me who is my god, my savior my one and only creator, my healer, my comfort, my listener, my guard, my guide, my shelter my home to stay and rest when i get tired walking carrying and facing my burden,pain or sorrows in life…. he bever leave myside, he never let me feel hopeless when i felt so helpless…he took my pain all away,…he makes me a person that stronger than a thousands of soldiers fighting for their lives and freedoms from the hands of those people who fooling themselves by believing that they can be gods….god created me stronger person with a stonger mind and heart….he makes me real but not perfect…i strongly believe that when we choose to be the son of our god and stand on his side and fights for his love to reclaim all his creation….believe me the whole world will hate you too but i not scared of that….god is my refuge and my strenght and with him everything is posible….may god guide you all whoever read my life letter for everyone who need to be inspired… may this letter help people to realize how lucky they are of what they have and where they are right now…trust him…believe him….let him in…make him part of your life…do his wills.. god will set us free frow all those worries and takes all our pain away….god bless everyone

  4. Kenti says:

    I’m so bless with your story

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