Decide on Your Goal or Purpose

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Decide on Your Goal or Purpose

Decide on Your Goal or Purpose

Knowing our purpose makes our lives worth living. What uses will all these mental faculties be for and how will you develop them if you don’t know what to use them for? It is essential that you know exactly what you want in life. You have to have a clear image in your head about the life that you would like to live; otherwise, you will just be drifting from one situation to another, always feeling discontented about everything.

Others tend to see goal-setting as a surefire way to just be restless in life. Some would rather go with the flow of life because they’re scared of failing. Some simply follow the world’s standard of success, rely on what people say they should do, or daydream about living somebody else’s life. During their old age, they would constantly think about the ‘could’ve beens’ or the ‘should’ves’ if only they put their foot down and decided to have a specific goal in life.

As you may very well know at this point, we can do all things if we will. With the power of mental faculties of reason—will, perception, memory, imagination, and intuition—we can achieve anything. We don’t have to be bound by the world’s standards or what other people think is right for us. We have the power to create things in our conscious mind and our subconscious mind sets our body and mind to recognize opportunities, push us to act accordingly and places us in a state where we have already claimed that which we have been dreaming about.

Know Exactly What You Want in Life

If you have a purpose or certain goal in life, how certain are you that it’s yours and that there are no other outside influences? Sometimes, we confuse others’ expectations of us as the life we have always wanted. It is important that you can justify in your own terms what your goals are for and why you chose to set those goals. It is important that you are the painter of the picture in your head, the architect of the structure in your mind, the composer of that music of success in your head, not somebody else.

Don’t waver even if deciding on your goals seems challenging. Or even if you need to follow somebody else’s. Be patient. Achieving a higher sense of awareness starts with identifying your strengths and weaknesses. List all the things that you are good at on one column of a sheet of paper. Then, list the opportunities your perceive for improvement on the other column. Based on what you’re good at, you can identify the type of work or career you can excel in. Based on your areas for improvement, you can identify thought patterns that brought forth such behaviors and change them.

You can also start with thinking about what would make you feel happy, prosperous and peaceful in life. List out things that you would like to experience that you believe would bring about such positive emotions. Then, create that image in your head. Use your reason, perception and will to make that picture come to life.

Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Ingrain that image in your memory and retrieve it every now and then. Learn everything that you can about this dream and save all new lessons in your memory. Use your reason to weigh things, perception to check every angle of opportunity that comes to you, and your willpower to keep moving forward despite the obstacles. Pray to God and ask for guidance and your intuition will help you when you veer into uncharted waters.

The Bible encourages us, “Take courage! Do not let your hands get weak. God will reward your work.” Decide on what you would like to do in your life. Set a goal for yourself. Find your purpose. God has blessed us with mental faculties that we can use for good, so we can enjoy this gift of life that He has given us.

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