Fasting is Tantamount to Sacrifice

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Fasting is Tantamount to Sacrifice

Fasting is Tantamount to Sacrifice

The Law of the Fast is a commandment given unto the prophets of old and is still a practice being used today. This law states that one must refrain from food or drink for a period of time, preferably a 24-hour period with no food nor drink. This practice not only cleanses our palate, but our souls as well.

When we are fasting, we are moving with limited energy. We are living off our last supper. It’s like a long drive with no stops. With no refueling on the way to our destination, we try not to deviate as much from the path we are following. We choose more wisely. The time we spend is more thought out. It is a practice of discipline.

Man is born with the capacity to choose what to do with his mortal frame. He is not controlled by the forces of nature; rather, even in the most dire circumstance, he still retains the power to choose his actions.

An animal, if starved, will eat ravenously; but a human that does fasting with pure intent will have gained a stronger spiritual connection and will receive the blessings of practicing this law. Through one’s obedience to the commandments of God, one can expect the fullness of the blessings to arrive in due time, according to their faith.

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