Understand How Your Mind Works

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Understand How Your Mind Works

Understand How Your Mind Works

This question might seem funny, but do you really understand how your mind works?

We know and understand the power of electricity even though we cannot exactly see it. Similarly, as Bob Proctor puts it, the mind is not something tangible, yet we believe it is there just like electricity.

Your Current Situation Is Brought Forth by the Thoughts in Your Head

We grew up operating in a tangible world where we use our five senses. Likewise, how we see the world is based on what the media feeds us. Therefore, we become less aware of how our minds work. We don’t realize that our current situation is brought forth, not by chance or circumstance, but by the thoughts in our head.

It is very important to understand then, how your mind works, so that you can change your actions. This way, you can achieve the results that you want in life.

How Your Mind Works

According to Joseph Murphy, author of “The Power of the Subconscious Mind”, the mind has two levels, the conscious and the subconscious. These two are always at work whether you are aware of it or not.

The conscious level is what we are aware of. This is what we use to think, draw conclusions, and make decisions. The subconscious is the creative side; it is the seat of emotions. The subconscious then creates what the conscious thinks about most often. Thinking about good things all the time brings forth good things, evil thoughts bring about evil things. This is how the mind works (Murphy, J. 1963).

Our subconscious mind is like fertile soil where any kind of thoughts can grow. It does not care about the type of seed you have sown. It will bring forth whatever you put in it in due time. The seed is what we feed our conscious mind. Plant seeds of happiness, peace, and prosperity in your life and your subconscious will see to it that it happens. Plant seeds of depression, fear and poverty, and your faithful subconscious see to it that it happens.

Only Feed Your Mind with Positive Thoughts

It is very important to be mindful of the thoughts we have all day. What negative thoughts do you have right now about your life? Do you often think that you can’t do it, you’re hopeless, nobody loves you, or you’re not worthy?

You end up being where you don’t want to be by accepting such statements. But with the knowledge of how your mind works, can you change your life? Definitely! Although sometimes, we can’t help but think such thoughts; so we have two choices. The first is to accept it and let it sit in our subconscious. The second is to refuse your conscious mind to absorb it so it doesn’t get ingrained in the subconscious. Self-fulfilling prophecies follow this concept!

The Bible Helps Us Understand How Our Mind Works

A number of Bible verses speak of this duality of the mind if you would just take a closer look. Matthew 7:7 talks about how what we ‘ask’ (our conscious mind) we will ‘receive’ (because our subconscious will bring it to fruition). When we ‘seek’ for answers (by using our conscious mind), we will ‘find’ the answers (because our subconscious will respond with the answer).

You can do something every time you feel like you’re losing your confidence. You simply have to command your conscious mind to stop thinking about it and picture your confident, secure and calm self, living the life you have always wanted. Elevate yourself to a higher sense of awareness with the knowledge on how your mind works. You will achieve prosperity, happiness, and peace of mind.

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