Paying Attention to Intuition

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Paying Attention to Intuition

Paying Attention to Intuition

Intuition certainly is one aspect of higher awareness. A highly aware person is not only aware of what’s going on inside his/her mind, can not only detect and change negative thoughts to positive ones, can not only see different perspectives of a situation at any point in time, he/she can also detect the energy of the people around him/her. With this knowledge, he/she can change his/her course of action towards that person, ensuring that there is a positive interaction between them. With this knowledge, the intuitive person can sense danger or possible negative events. Intuition can also inspire you to come up with new ideas that can help you get closer to achieving your goals.

Everyone Has a Highly Evolved Intuition

Intuition picks up individual vibrations. It picks up energy around the person. This is not limited by time and space. Thoughts send out a certain frequency and it is our intuition that picks up that frequency (Proctor, B. 2013). There is no lag. It constantly picks up frequency from others.

Do you know how you can sometimes sense good or bad vibes from another person? Or you have this strong feeling about picking up the phone to call your friend living in another state for no logical reason? That is your intuition working, picking up on the energy of the person you were introduced to or your friend miles away. Public speakers, stage performers or musicians have a strong intuition. They constantly pick up the energy of the crowd to determine what they should do next to maintain that connection with them.

Intuition Works in the Subconscious

It works on the feelings than the idea (Hopper, W.n.d.). You get a sense of what the person you were introduced to is like based on the energy you felt towards that person. You get a feeling of the decision that you have to make regarding a business transaction based on the energy you feel when you consider that decision. This feeling is beyond logic or reason. Jesus sets the perfect example.

Jesus’ discernment, wisdom, and intuition have always picked up on the desires and intentions of sinners, believers, the crowd or the Pharisees (Matthew 22:18) and so He always knew what to do, what to say and how to react. Other religions call it “spiritual power” because it works on information outside of the conscious, reasoning, rational self. In our religion, this “spiritual power” of intuition comes from our God, nudging us to make decisions or courses of action that would take us to the path of prosperity or happiness that God has in mind for us.

This might be seen by some as something mysterious and supernatural because it cannot be easily defined or apparent, but it is definitely woven into our design as a God from the gift (Gilmor, S. 2010). Intuition in the Bible is referred to as having spiritual discernment or wisdom from God and this can be experienced if you have established a relationship with Him. The closer we are to God through good works and deeds, the more we become blessed with discernment and wisdom.

There are lots of Christian stories of financial breakthroughs, career success or perfect relationships. These are filled with accounts on how they felt an inner voice. The voice guided them in all their actions and decisions. They had a strong positive feeling. They have a form of inspiration that encouraged them to take risks or come up with new ideas. Their intuition was also able to pick up on the vibes of the people around them. So, they knew when to shift their behavior or energy to maintain a harmonious relationship.

How Can You Develop This Mental Faculty?

Develop your intuition by keeping an open mind and trusting hunches or gut feelings. Trust in God’s wisdom that He will guide you in all your ways and decisions. Pay closer attention to what’s happening around you (Gilmor, S. 2010). This also entails that you use your other mental faculty of perception. It will enable you to see a situation from a different angle. You will also try to get a ‘feel’ of the situation from that angle.

When you feel a certain negative vibration towards somebody, send out good thoughts towards that person. Maybe this person simply went through a traumatic experience in the past. This may have caused him/her to put his/her guard up towards anybody he/she meets. Do you feel negative energy from somebody who is miles away from you? Then send out positive thoughts of security, love or forgiveness towards that person.

Reach out and connect with them and their intuition will feel the positive energy that you emanate. Pay closer attention to your intuition. You will develop a higher sense of awareness of what’s happening around you. You will be able to make a stronger connection with the people you interact with.

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